2 Reasons To Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney


Workers' compensation is extremely important in order to help out people who have been injured on the job, mostly by providing ongoing income while they are recovering and paying for medical expenses. However, many businesses and their insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny legitimate claims just to save themselves money. A workers' compensation attorney is vital because he or she will protect you from retaliation and help you appeal a denial.

Appeal a Denial

One of the things that many business and their insurance companies count on is that you will drop your workers' compensation claim if they deny it immediately. Unfortunately, this often works out for them as many people do not want to potentially endanger their jobs or realize that there is an appeals system in place.

If your workers' compensation claim is denied, you can hire an attorney to fight for a settlement. In most cases, your attorney will help you ensure a successful case by having you get multiple medical opinions stating the nature of your injuries and how they were sustained. Just having your lawyer notify your employer and their insurance company that you are planning to appeal or go to court to fight the decision is often enough to convince them to offer a settlement, especially if they know that you have a good case against them.

Protection From Retaliation

You will also want to consult an attorney if you find yourself being penalized by your boss because you filed a workers' compensation claim. Examples of retaliation by management for your claim can include demotion, pay cuts, decreased hours, and even being relegated to the most unpleasant jobs in the company when you are able to return to work.

In some cases, you may win a workers' compensation case, but still be required to go to work and perform jobs that your doctor says that you are capable of performing. Some employers have been known to use those situations to give the employee degrading tasks, or tasks that are too hard for them to handle, in an attempt to make him or her quit. Retaliation for a workers' compensation claim is illegal and can be grounds for you to sue your employer.

Speak to a workers comp attorney today if you have been injured in the workplace and need assistance filing your claim. The attorney will be able to help you throughout the entire claim process and beyond by helping you appeal if the claim is denied while also protecting you from any future retaliation by your boss.


13 April 2015

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