Car Accident Claim: Three Mistakes You Are Likely To Make If You Don't Have A Lawyer


In case you are injured in an accident, at which point should you engage a personal injury law? Some people try following their claims alone and only consult an attorney if they hit a snag. Others retain lawyers right from the beginning of the case. Although you may be able to handle some small claims on your own, there are a few mistakes you are likely to make without a lawyer such as:

Submitting an Extremely Low or High Offer

All personal injury claims involve negotiations; this is why you are advised not to accept the first offer that the adjuster makes. However, an absurdly low or high demand can derail your claim. By doing that, you are sending a signal to the insurer that you don't know the value of your claim, which gives the company an edge during the negotiations.

When you involve a lawyer early on, he or she will consider different factors such as the extent and nature of your injuries, age, and earnings. Your lawyer will even factor in what the insurance company has paid for similar injuries in the past. That way he or she can come up with a serious offer.

Giving a Recorded Accident Report

In most states, you aren't obligated to give the other motorist's insurer a recorded report about the accident. Unfortunately, this is what some adjusters may lead you to believe. According to Nolo, recorded statements can be used against you later in the lawsuit; it is akin to giving your enemy the arsenal with which to fight you.

For example, it might be that you:

  • Are still hurt and confused
  • Didn't get a question right and gave the wrong answer
  • Just have the wrong facts

Moreover, insurance companies aren't above twisting your words to make you look bad. If an insurance representative insists on a recorded statement, hold him or her off until you can consult the issue with a lawyer.

Accepting the "Final" Offer

As an amateur, you can take what you think is a final offer while, in the real sense, the insurance company could have settled for more. This is because the adjuster is trained to make you believe that what he or she is offering is the last. You won't know this, but an experienced attorney from a firm like Palmetto Injury Lawyers understands this all too well. He or she will know how to differentiate the "final" offer and the final offer.

Of course, you don't have to hire an attorney every time you are involved in a fender bender. There are people who have negotiated their own settlements and received suitable settlements. However, if your case involves serious injuries and damages, then it is best to play it safe and hire a lawyer.


15 April 2015

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When I was a child, my father was the pastor of a small evangelical church in my hometown. I always enjoyed going to church in order to play with my friends. One of these friends suffered a horrific accident at a local gas station one day. As he was walking towards the entrance to the gas station, he was struck by a vehicle. His leg was seriously injured during the accident. To help with the expenses of recovery, his father hired an accident and personal injury attorney. This professional helped my friend’s father sue the person who struck his son. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of hiring an accident and personal injury attorney after incurring injuries from a devastating accident.