Denied Workers Compensation Benefits? What A Lawyer Can Do To Help


Were you denied workers compensation by your employer after a serious injury on the job? If you feel like your employer denied you benefits out of bitterness, a lawyer can help you take the situation to court and get the money you deserve. In this article, learn what you should know about fighting for workers compensation benefits with the help of a lawyer.

How Can a Lawyer Help Someone with a Workers Compensation Denial?

It doesn't matter if you were injured from your own mistake or not when it comes to workers compensation benefits. Your lawyer will focus on proving that you actually need financial assistance as you heal for the injury. He or she will speak to you about what happened and how long you are expected to be treated. You must provide evidence by handing over your medical records as well as bills that were already paid for treatment.

The main purpose of the lawsuit will be to get you approved for workers compensation benefits. However, you can also sue for lost wages due to not being able to work. Medical bills that are already paid can also be reimbursed. If you have had to make your home handicap accessible, you can get paid for what you spent on it.

If the situation with your employer has caused you mental distress, your lawyer can make sure you are compensated enough money to visit a psychiatrist. However, you may need to provide proof that mental health treatment is actually necessary. A notarized statement from a psychiatrist should be enough evidence for your mental state.

Does a Workers Compensation Lawyer Charge by the Hour?

It is not likely that a workers compensation lawyer will charge an hourly rate if he or she believes your case will be successful. You will be charged a percentage of what you win in the lawsuit, which is called a contingency fee. The contingency fee percentage will be discussed when you first consult with the lawyer. It is also not likely that you will have to pay a retainer (upfront fee). If you don't recoup any money from the lawsuit, you won't have to pay the lawyer.

Worrying about your medical bills and living expenses is not something you should have to do when recovered from an injury that happened at work. Get in touch with workers compensation lawyers like Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC so they can get you the benefits that you need.


21 April 2015

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