Factors That Are Important In Slip And Fall Cases On Construction Sites


It is expected that those who are working on a construction site or accessing a construction site for any reason are conscious of those hazards and are careful to protect themselves from injury. That being said, certain safety precautions are expected of construction companies to keep both workers and members of the public safe. If a construction company does not fulfill these responsibilities and you suffer from a slip and fall accident as a result, you could be eligible for compensation.

The following factors will influence your case and must be analyzed to devise the strongest possible argument in your favor.

Employee or member of the public

In most cases, you'll be more likely to receive compensation if you're an employee injured in the course of working rather than a member of the public.

As en employee, it topically goes without saying that you were authorized to access the site. Workers compensation law will generally require your employer to compensate you. If you are injured on a construction site and you were not working on the site, it will be more challenging to prove that the construction company is responsible to compensate you. 

Access to an off-limits area

Sometimes certain areas of a construction site are labeled as off-limits to the public or even to certain members of a work crew.

If you're thinking of filing a claim against a construction company due to a slip and fall injury, you need to consider whether or not you were legally authorized to be in the area where the accident occurred. 

Presence of posted notices describing dangers

Where there are worksite hazards, construction companies are generally required by law to post notices to warn the public. An absence of required notices will provide you with a strong argument that the construction company in charge of the site was not meeting its responsibilities. 

Footwear and attire of the victim at the time of the accident

As part of your documentation of the accident scene, you should be making note of what you were wearing at the time you were injured. The defense could use the fact that you were wearing inappropriate footwear as an argument that you yourself were responsible for the injury. 

Previous worksite injury cases filed against the company in question

When devising your case against a construction company, you should look into the company's history. Past lawsuits against the company for injuries could work in your favor if your slip and fall lawyer is aware of them. 


13 October 2015

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