How to Be Safe on an Elevator


Escalator accidents increase by around ten percent every year. Most of the accidents involve children below the age of 14 and senior citizens above the age of 65. While design and construction issues also cause escalator injuries, human factors also play an important role. This means you also have a part to play to prevent escalator accidents. Here are five helpful measures that help:

Be Patience

Being patient will serve you well in many areas of life, but it can mean the difference between a safe escalator ride and an injury. For example, if there is somebody trying to shove you aside, let him or her have the right of way. You can easily slip and fall if you start shoving each other. He or she might not be doing the right thing, but letting him or her get away with it will ensure your safety, which is more important.  

Avoid Things That May Cause Imbalance

The key to maintaining your balance on an escalator is to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on your feet. Carrying large or heavy objects may mess up with this balance and increase your likelihood of a fall. Even wearing clothes that do not fit you well might have the same effect.

Be Wary of Loose Clothes

It is not just the risk of falling that you should be wary of when riding an escalator, you should also be mindful of things that may get caught up in the moving parts. Loose clothing or shoelaces can easily trip you up. In case you are wearing such risky apparel, it is best to use the elevator instead.

Position Yourself Well on the Escalator

Your position on the escalator may also lead to injuries. For example, standing too close to the sides of the escalator may lead to an injury. Even a slight loss of balance, which you can easily correct if you are well-positioned on the escalator, can lead to an injury if you are standing too close to the sides. Also, it may be "fun" to ride the handrail, but it isn't safe. When you reach the end of your ride, lift your feet and step over the comb finger; don't slide your feet at the end of the escalator.

The cause of the accident is the number one factor in determining whether an escalator accident victim should be compensated. Therefore, it's in your best interest to follow the warning above and avoid causing an accident. That way you avoid injuries of yourself and others and also increase your chances of getting compensated should an accident occur. If you do find yourself injured in an escalator incident that wasn't your fault, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer, such as Tarkowsky & Piper Co., L.P.A., to discuss your case.


3 March 2016

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