Police Officer Caused Your Car Accident? 4 Things You Need to Do


If a police car is not rushing to a crime scene or an accident and an officer hit your car, the incident is treated much like any other car accident. However, there are some things that are different. Keep reading just in case you are in an accident like this.

Get the Right Information

Immediately following the accident, ask the officer their name and badge number, and then write this information down or put it into your smartphone. Note if there were any witnesses, the name of the street the accident happened on, the time it happened, and your description of the accident.

The officer involved in the car accident may try to write up the accident report themselves. Respectfully request another officer to be called to take over. When the report is finished, ask the police officer for a copy of it. Look over the report to make sure it is completely filled out.

Prove You Didn't Cause the Accident

If there were no witnesses, unless the accident was a rear-end collision, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to prove that the accident was not your fault. How the government will handle the situation will depend on if the emergency vehicle had its lights or sirens on during the accident. For example, if the lights or siren were on, your case will likely be dropped very quickly. If the siren or lights were not on during the accident, then the government will not be able to drop the claim.

In some cases, professionals can determine who caused the accident by the position of the cars, tire skid marks, and where the impact happened. The police officer that hit you may also help you prove this if they are completely sure they caused the accident.

File a Claim

If you are seeking any kind of compensation, you will have to file a claim against the city, state, or county that you live in first. This is under the Federal Torts Claims Act because the police officer is a federal employee. In many cases, you will have very little time to file your claim because it will be against the government. How long you will have depends on the state that you live in. It is important that you do not miss this deadline, as your claim will be thrown out of court if you do.

Hire a Car-Accident Attorney

One of the first people you should call is a car-accident attorney. They will have knowledge of the procedures, rules, and laws involved with your case. They can show you how the process works. Your attorney will also be your advocate. For example, they can negotiate with the state or county, with your insurance company, and in court if there ends up being a lawsuit.

A car accident is very stressful for everyone involved, so it is very helpful to understand how the process works and what you need to do. Click here for more info on personal injury claims or to start looking for a professional near you.   


29 July 2016

Starting the Healing Process

When I was a child, my father was the pastor of a small evangelical church in my hometown. I always enjoyed going to church in order to play with my friends. One of these friends suffered a horrific accident at a local gas station one day. As he was walking towards the entrance to the gas station, he was struck by a vehicle. His leg was seriously injured during the accident. To help with the expenses of recovery, his father hired an accident and personal injury attorney. This professional helped my friend’s father sue the person who struck his son. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of hiring an accident and personal injury attorney after incurring injuries from a devastating accident.