How To Act During A DUI Stop


Encounters with the police are always nerve-wracking, which is why people freak out when they're pulled over. The sight of blue and red lights will have your heart racing and mind trying to make sense of what's happening. 

It's not a crime to feel nervous, and the police will count on it to get more information from you. You can avoid some of these mishaps by understanding what to do during a DUI stop. 

Pull-Over Cautiously 

Remember, the police are paying close attention to your actions from the moment they ask you to pull over. If you're rattled, try to calm down. Don't make a sudden stop, speed up, or try to ignore the request. The police stopped you because they observed suspicious behavior, don't make it worse by being erratic. 

The office will note how you act when you pull over, how you pull over, and all these observations go towards confirming if you're drunk. 

Stay Calm 

Police are human just like you and will react to sudden movement. They'll try to protect themselves. Therefore, try to be as calm as you can. Place your hands on your steering wheel and wait for the officers to approach. Do not get out of your vehicle unless instructed by the officers to do so. 

You Can Decline to Comment

During a DUI stop, the officers will be talkative as they try to get as much information as they can out of you. The more you talk, the more information they gather. They'll listen to your words to pick out slurring of speech, which is often an indication of intoxication. 

The police will ask questions like where you're going, where you have been, and whether you have been drinking. You might start talking and end up admitting that you have consumed alcohol. 

Out of politeness, you can say a few words to the officers. You should request to talk to a DUI lawyer and state that you prefer not to answer their questions. 

Ask for a DUI Lawyer 

Don't agree to the standard field sobriety tests. When police officers pull you over, they already suspect that you're driving under the influence. Any tests they conduct in the field will be to prove that you're drunk. 

They'll not be objective as they're looking for evidence to secure a conviction. Your refusal might lead to an arrest. If this happens, request to talk to a DUI attorney. If you're charged with DUI, hire an experienced DUI attorney to help with your case. 


26 July 2021

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