In Your Own Backyard: How Local Accidents Can Catch You Off-Guard


You could be involved in an accident in areas that you frequent, like grocery store parking lots and nearby downtown areas. These accidents tend to be just as harmful and impactful as accidents on a rural road or freeway. Read on and learn more.

Parking Lots Can be Dangerous

Some parking lots were built long ago and the marked spaces for vehicles are much more narrow and shorter than needed for today's larger SUVs, which can cause accidents. Unfortunately, people tend to be less alert in parking lots. Some people ignore directional markings or speed across several rows – paying little to no attention to others sharing the parking lot.

Injuries can occur even when drivers are not moving at higher speeds. When an injury happens in a parking lot, you may be owed more than just some body work on your vehicle. Treat the accident as a serious situation and get medical attention as soon as possible. Call law enforcement and get an accident report. Many law enforcement agencies won't get involved in parking lot accidents unless there has been an injury. If you are able, gather witness contact information and speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Another parking lot danger comes when you are walking through it on your way to run some errands. Some drivers don't pay enough attention to pedestrians – they may be more focused on finding an empty parking spot. Be sure to call an ambulance and law enforcement. Pedestrian accidents can cause extremely serious injuries.

Attacked in the Dark

Parking lots are owned and maintained by the owners of the shopping center or store. They must provide a safe experience for customers of the stores. That means that when a store is open after dark, the lighting must be sufficient to promote safety. If you are mugged or accosted in a dark parking lot after picking up some dry cleaning, you may be owed compensation by the management.

You may also be using a parking lot that needs to be updated. Large holes, uneven pavement, ice, and other dangers that are left in place could cause slips and falls among customers. Falling because of a badly maintained parking lot could cause physical injuries, ruin your clothing, break your glasses, and shatter your cell phone. Be paid for your damages by getting medical help and following up with management.

Parking lot accidents are not all minor. The damage caused can be serious for victims. Speak to a personal injury law firm such as Frank Penney Injury Lawyers and find out if you have a course of action against the management of the center.


27 October 2022

Starting the Healing Process

When I was a child, my father was the pastor of a small evangelical church in my hometown. I always enjoyed going to church in order to play with my friends. One of these friends suffered a horrific accident at a local gas station one day. As he was walking towards the entrance to the gas station, he was struck by a vehicle. His leg was seriously injured during the accident. To help with the expenses of recovery, his father hired an accident and personal injury attorney. This professional helped my friend’s father sue the person who struck his son. On this blog, you will discover the advantages of hiring an accident and personal injury attorney after incurring injuries from a devastating accident.