Medical Malpractice Lawsuits: 3 Things You May Think Are, But Really Aren't


When you come down with an illness or need to undergo a surgery, you put full trust into your physician or surgeon. You expect that they will properly and timely diagnose you, provide you with the necessary treatment and help you recuperate. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made, and health care professionals can be negligent. If this happens, it can result in irreparable injury for you. Luckily, the law allows a lawsuit to be filed by the victim against the health care provider that can potentially help you recover monetary damages for the injuries that you sustained.

8 January 2016

Accused Of Marijuana DUI? 3 Possible Challenges That May Avoid Conviction


If you have recently been charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, you may be curious as to whether it is a charge that can be successfully challenged. Whether you're guilty or innocent, there are certain ways you may be able to get around the allegations and avoid receiving a conviction. Here are three potential defenses to your marijuana DUI charge:  1. You Were Not Under the Influence at the Time.

23 December 2015

Why A Legal Case Involving A Semi-Truck Is Much More Challenging


Car accidents involving semi-trucks can cause much more damage than car accidents involving smaller vehicles. But there are also additional complications in a truck accident that will make it more difficult to demonstrate that you were not responsible for the accident. Trucking Companies Are More Motivated Due To Regulations There are federal regulations that can affect your claim if you are involved in a semi-truck accident. Trucking companies are large businesses that aggressively seek to protect their profits, so they will look for ways to limit their liability and prove that the driver was not in violation of a regulation.

14 December 2015

Are You Responsible For Your Medical Expenses After An Auto Accident?


Following an auto accident, getting medical treatment is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, as you are treated, your medical expenses can grow. Whether or not you are responsible for paying for those expenses or another depends on several factors, including the state in which you live. To help you determine if you are, here is what you need to know.  Do You Live in a No-Fault State? If you live in a no-fault state, your auto insurance is responsible for covering some or all of the medical expenses that you incur.

29 November 2015

Get In An Auto Accident? Understand How To Pay For The Damages


If you were involved in an auto accident, one of your top concerns will be getting your car fixed so you have a working vehicle once again. You are aware that insurance will pay for the damages, but you most likely have questions about whose insurance will pay for the bill and how to get your car repaired quickly. By understanding how damages are paid for, you will be able to make right decision about how to handle it.

17 November 2015

Can You Get Compensation In Nevada Auto Accident Cases? It Depends On These Two Things!


When you've been hurt in an auto accident in the state of Nevada, it is natural to have compensation on your mind. However, compensation is not always automatic. A personal injury lawyer in Nevada is the best resource, but you can decide whether it's worth your time to make an appointment by asking yourself these two questions. How Long Ago Was the Accident That Caused the Injuries? The state of Nevada only allows auto accident victims to file compensation claims for two years following the accident.

4 November 2015

SSDI Claims: What If Your Doctor Believes You Are Not Disabled?


When you file for Social Security disability benefits, your doctor plays a major role in whether or not your application is approved. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your doctor might not agree that your medical condition warrants benefits. If this happens, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of getting benefits without your doctor's assistance.  Ask for a Consultative Examination A consultative examination is conducted by a doctor that is chosen by the Social Security Administration, or SSA.

21 October 2015