Why Might The Insurance Company Tell You An Attorney Is Not Necessary?


After an accident, the next action is to reach out to the insurance company to begin the claims process. Typically, the insurance company will collect details about the incident and notify the victim that they are more than happy to work directly with them and an attorney is unnecessary. While an attorney is not always necessary to process a claim, there are often a handful of reasons why insurance companies discourage their participation.

19 December 2022

In Your Own Backyard: How Local Accidents Can Catch You Off-Guard


You could be involved in an accident in areas that you frequent, like grocery store parking lots and nearby downtown areas. These accidents tend to be just as harmful and impactful as accidents on a rural road or freeway. Read on and learn more. Parking Lots Can be Dangerous Some parking lots were built long ago and the marked spaces for vehicles are much more narrow and shorter than needed for today's larger SUVs, which can cause accidents.

27 October 2022

Seeking Justice If Someone's Negligence Causes You To Lose Your Child During Or Following Delivery


Losing a child during or right after delivery can be devastating, and it may take time to recover from the mental and emotional stress. This can affect your ability to perform everyday tasks and enjoy life. In such cases, you can sue the wrongdoer and seek compensation for the suffering caused by the demise. A personal injury law attorney can examine your situation to determine whether you can file a claim under your state laws.

1 September 2022

Don't Let Common Myths Stop You From Calling A Car Wreck Lawyer


All too often, accident victims allow common myths to stop them from contacting a car wreck lawyer concerning their case. If you have recently been in a car accident, it is important for you to learn the truth behind these myths so that you do not make the same mistake. You can learn more about the truth behind these myths below. Myth: You Will Get Less Money If You Hire A Car Wreck Lawyer

27 June 2022

How To Get The Best Possible Payment After A Successful Personal Injury Claim


An injury lawsuit enables you to pursue payment for an injury caused by someone else's carelessness. Therefore, you might want to know the measures that can maximize your settlement. Your lawyer understands personal injury cases better and, therefore, will be a great resource in your pursuit of justice. They will craft an effective strategy to help you get the best possible payment. Your legal advisors' proposals might include the following. 

29 April 2022

Honestly, Be Honest With Your Lawyer After An Accident


Those hit and hurt by a careless driver are smart to seek personal injury help from a lawyer. Few insurers will pay victims what they deserve without a lawyer to fend for them. To do a good job for you, your lawyer must know everything they possibly can about you and the accident. Read on and learn why that is so important. Clients are Protected  You and your lawyer have an automatically protected relationship.

2 March 2022